Say ‘No’ to Drugs, Turn To Sahaja Yoga for Help


The reason why many turn to substance abuse is that they are unable to deal with life’s problems. Or their expectations are unrealistic. Depression and anger, sadness and frustration are further fuelled by drug-dependency, alcoholism or both.

Daniel Goleman, in Emotional Intelligence says that it is the lack of application of intelligence to emotions that makes one lonely and depressed, angry, unruly, prone to worry, more impulsive and aggressive.

Spiritual mind has emerged more recently, trying to understand why we can be reasonable one moment and irrational the very next moment. Goleman attri-buted it to two minds: one emotional and the other rational; one that feels and one that thinks.

The rational mind is prominent in analytical approach while the other one can be impulsive, powerful and at times illogical. More