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Good qualities of great leaders which made wonderful human beings

I was reading some wording posted in Facebook in Tamil and got inspired to write this list.  I am sure there is more to this list:


Fifteen questions to ask yourself once you get a great idea for a mobile app

  1. Can you sum up the purpose of your mobile app in one sentence?
  2. What do you plan to accomplish using this mobile app?
  3. Who will use your mobile app? Why?
  4. Have you done enough research to make sure there are no one else doing the same?

iPhone app development – What should you know ?

There’s millions of apps in iTunes and the Android market, so there’s always a lot of pressure for a new company to create an app makes a difference in the industry. Start by improving ideas that exist. I think improving existing ideas is step forward in making a better app. You don’t need to focus all your time on just the idea, but more on how to improve it.


Get started with cross platform mobile apps

It gets expensive when you start building mobile apps for each mobile operating systems. Also it is very time consuming. Luckily, there are several options to build mobiles that would run across the mobile Operating Systems. Phonegap and Titanium are the most popular choice. Of course, many favors JQuery mobile for mobile website. Apps built using Phonegap, Titanium and Rhomobile are downloadable and has ability to access your phone APIs.


Mobile strategy for Auto dealerships

Got your new iPhone or Android phone? Our new Auto Dealership app allows you to search for new and used cars and ‘Auto’mobilze. This app is a powerful search tool that helps you find your ideal car for sale and connects you with dealers, supermarkets, private ads and individuals across the country. You can make a comprehensive search on a large database of second hand cars including pictures, maps, dealers, payment calculators, service and more.



Mobile strategy for universities

A mobile app for your university let you stay connected with the university on the go.  In an univercity mobile app or mobile website  you should consider as minimal features as accessing classes info, campus directory, map, courses, and browse all events of the university. In your mobile stratey you should consider announcements and alerts, university news, photos of campus, contact your faculty, staff or student, instant sports updates, and share with friends on YouTube.


Have you started your Android app development yet?

It is not too late if you have not. Android rocks the mobile world and has created fear for iPhone’s share. Android apps are built using Java technology so that gives millions of developers an opportunity to start coding in Android without much of a learning curve. Whereas, iPhone you have to learn Objective C and memory handling…well not an easy job ;) . Here is a power that we put together for Android :


CakePHP framework for web development

In simple words CakePHP development is an open source web application framework for producing web related applications. It is written in PHP, modeled after the concepts of Ruby on Rails, and distributed under the MIT License. The only goal is to enable work in a structured and rapid manner–without loss of flexibility.


Mobile strategy for Real estate agents and brokerages

Do you have a strategy for your business? Does your listing display well on mobile devices? Do you want to go mobile and build a mobile app for your real-estate business? Here are the features yous should consider having.